Doggie Daycare Services

Offering a Number of Doggie Daycare Packages

The Urban Dog understands that your dog is far more than just a pet — they are also a family member that deserves ample love and attention. Our daycare services in Fayetteville, NC allow pet owners to go about their day knowing their furry friends are active, social, and happy.

Important Information

Half Days

Half days are available at the cost of $7. This includes any part of the day under five and a half hours.

Daycare Packages*

  • $70 – 5 day package ($14/day)
  • $130 – 10 day package ($13/day)
  • $220 – 20 day package ($11/day)


Daycare is available Monday through Friday. Our facilities close at 6:30 pm. Dogs that are not picked up at this time are moved over into boarding for the night.


The first day of Doggie Daycare will be the assessment day. It is $20 for the assessment day. During the assessment we do a little one on one time to see what playgroups would be the best fit and then we introduce them to the other dogs in the playgroups. All dogs must show proof of Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella.

*Our Daycare packages do not expire.

To learn more about our dog daycare program, call us today at 910-822-3647 or book a reservation. We look forward to hearing from you!